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Part 96

CAD version here


Fast forward 6 years, even though the bike is parked in the kitchen it is not looking so good anymore, so time to give it some love. Some of the problems; always a drop of oil under the bike, rust on the driveshaft, fuellines deteriorated from the sun and a lot of cleaning necessary..


I removed the driveshaft for polishing and then, as it was hard to see wher the oil came from, I decided to remove the transmission, put it in a different location and see if the oil came from transmission or engine. The further I got the more things I saw that needed attention, poor thing!


The good news is that the engine does not leak a drop, it is the transmission where it is coming from. I will fix this next and take the opportunity to clean and repolish everything. I might as well make that kickstarter I was planning on adding now that I am working on this bike. These pics are rather depressing, I hope for more pleasing ones next time!