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Part 97

CAD version here

(Better quality when viewed on Youtube)


The leaking transmission has been fixed and reinstalled. I designed a kickstarter that would go around the high exhaust and had it 3d printed for testing. It needed a few changes, something like the drawings above, so I am now waiting for the second prototype. It will be made in stainless steel ofcourse, once the design is finalized.


I gave the rusted driveshaft a good polish and it cleaned up nicely. It is a very strong type of stainless which however is not as rust resistant as the 316 that we normally use, but it seems to clean up quite easily.


I also cleaned up the stainless pipes a bit, then I took out the rear wheel so I could clean it up and found that the rear axle threads were not in great shape, so to be safe I am going to replace that.