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Since the last update in January the Shovel is still going strong. My mate Jeroen gave me a windscreen he had left over from a previous project and I used that for winter and spring riding, now for the summer I have taken it off again.


The ignition switch was acting up a bit so I replaced it with a newer more reliable version, this one has a better lock also.


After riding to the Chopperbash I found that the primary chain was pretty much worn out so I replaced it with a belt. Much better!


I even got myself a Garmin navigation, but still have to figure out a decent mounting ;-) The pics above were on the way to the "Welcome to the South" party. The cardboard on the navigation was to keep the sun off the screen..


Replaced aircleaner element and rear tire, the bike is ready for the next trip which will be to the Tripout in England!