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I have been riding this bike quite happily for a year and a half now, but there was one little thing bothering me. The speedo only works once in a while and when it does it shows the wrong speed as it is driven from the transmission. I have a bigger front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket, plus slightly bigger tires than stock, so the indicated speed was all wrong.


I came up with a plan; I ordered a GPS Speedo and took it apart to take measurements. I did the same with the HD speedo and we made a new bezel and mounting bracket.


The speedo works great now and has some cool extra's such as showing your fastest 1/4 mile time, highest speed reached, built in compass and time etcetera


I put the "Police Special" text in the Speedo as a little joke as this bike was found in the desert of Lybia years ago where it had been used as a police bike..