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I replaced the rear tire and added new wheel bearings in the rear wheel but forgot to take pictures of that. I have been having some issues with the battery not charging and decided to fix it once and for all.
I had already replaced the rectifier but that did not help so now I just replaced the whole set with a new setup from Spyke and will figure out what was wrong with the old set later.


After removing the outer primary, clutch, belt, starter motor bolts and finally the inner primary I had reached the alternator. The rotor would not come off so I made a little puller. One of the ears of the inner primary had cracked but that will have to wait untill the winter.


A weak point in the original design was alwways the plug that connects the stator to the rectifier. I was glad to see the Spyke kit came with a much better connector.(picture below)


After installing the rotor, stator and rectifier from the Spyke kit I noticed the rotor was not turning freely because it touched the inner primary. I took it all apart again, (had to make a new puller for the Spyke rotor...) and saw no other solution than to machine the rotor or the inner primary


With "a little bit" of grinding on the inner primary the rotor could now rotate freely and all was bolted back together. When building this bike a few years ago I had made a special tool to reach those 2 hard-to-reach bolts that connect the starter to the inner primary, this came in handy now. Bike now charges perfectly!


Finally I added a cover to the front wheel to cover up the hub, time to ride again!