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While riding the bike I have been sanding and painting the old saddlebags that I bought online. I made them the same Ivory color as the bottom of the gastank, but have not put them on the bike yet as I wanted to fix the rear brake issues first, and they would just be in the way when doing that...


The rear brake sometimes refused to release after braking hard, so I was avoiding using it at all. Not good!

The big banana brakes have only one piston, and the whole caliper is supposed to slide on 2 pins to connect the other brakepad to the disc. When the pins and bushings wear out, as they had on this bike, the piston can get jammed in the bore of the caliper causing everything to get extremely hot and making the bike impossible to move until everything cools down again.

I used a bolt and a rear chaintensioner of my bike to do make an improvised press, pressing the old bushings out with the new bushings. I installed new pins and put some copper grease on the pins.


Inspecting the piston of the rear caliper I found a hole in the dustcover, so I removed the piston, cleaned everything and replaced dustcover and o-ring. After re-assembling everything the rear brake worked a lot better! One more thing I need to do to the rear brake is make something to prevent the brake pedal from resting against the front pipe.


As the transmission was rather noisy in 3rd gear and was leaking quite a bit of oil, I swapped in a rebuilt tranny that I had so I can keep riding while fixing the old tranny. Only challenge is that after putting it all back together I found that the shift pattern is now reversed and the temporary tranny does not have a speedo drive. Never mind, I am already used to it, the engine now has the first few hundred kilometers under it's belt and the weather is much too nice to be wrenching!