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the engine of the Electraglide is now broken in, the only problem I had is that I kept having to adjust the front exhaust valve. It turns out the hydraulic unit was defective, after replacing it all is fine now. Next job: lowering the bike! The first pic below here is the "before" pic.


Lowering the rear is very easy, there are a couple of options. On my old Cadbike 31 I relocated the lower shockmounts on the swingarm, on this bike I simply replaced the stock 12" shocks with a set of new 11"shocks. Shortening the shocks 1" lowers the rear of the bike about 40 mm. Front suspension is a lot more work, I had ordered a Burly lowering kit but somehow got the wrong set. Looking at how the lowering kit works I figured it would be easy enough to just make my own set.


I ground off 30 mm from each forkspring, taking care to get a nice flat end at the end of the springs. I then machined a couple of 30 mm spacers on the lathe that fit around the fork dampener, preventing the fork to extend fully. The fork lowering kits from Burly use a short spring instead of this spacer and replace the original forkspring with a shortened version. In the pics below you can see how dirty some of the internal parts of my forks were and also how much I cut off the springs.


Bike is back together again and seems to ride fine with the lowered suspension. I definitely think the stance is better now!