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Last week I replaced the front brakeline, the battery and the sparkplugs. Stock batterycover fits now too. I took her for the first testride to Aad's place. Apart from some very noisy valves and a rear brake that was getting very hot she ran fine! When the bike had cooled off I adjusted the valves, which cured the noise. She ran a lot stronger after that too! The rear brake took some more work, more about that later.


I found a cheap set of saddlebags on the Internet, and soon found out they were in worse shape than I thought. One of them had a large hole in it, which I fixed already. At the moment I am sanding and primering them, think I will paint them in the same Ivory color as the bottom of the tanks. The keys were missing but the local locksmith was able to make some new ones. I am looking for a couple of the clamps that go on the bottom of the saddlebags; of the 4 on this set 2 need replacing.