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Using the bottom of one brake pedal and the top of another, I made a new pedal. Works perfectly! I adjusted the Dyna ignition, found a very weak spark but it will have to do for now. New plugs and battery are on the way. I used an ignition cover that Aad made a few years ago; by accident Aad had welded the DBBP logo on backwards and it had been hanging on the wall in my workshop ever since. He has not seen this bike since he sold it to me, let's see if he notices the cover when I ride over there, haha!


Almost done, I replaced the weird kickstarter that came with the bike for a Baker arm and CrimeScene kicker pedal that I had lying around, and decided I could not wait any longer to start the bike. Still need to wire the starter relais, make a starter button and do something about the front brakeline, but all of that can wait!