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I have been putting every spare second in this bike over the last 10 days and by now it is already running, so it is time to catch up with the buildthread. I swapped the oiltank for one with a side filler, makes checking and adding oil a lot easier. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the outer primary did not fit, it turns out that the bike needed an older type starter shaft which is shorter. I am starting to question the age of the bike, because allthough the papers say 1974 there are quite a few parts that were only used up to 1969, such as the shorter starter shaft and this model primary cover. I will see if I can decipher the VIN number to find out the real age, I am guessing 1970 for now.


I managed to swap back the seat that I had sold years ago, this seat was on my first Flathead and then on my first Shovelhead, and I always regretted selling it. Now it is back where it belongs, which is under my ass haha.I checked the rubbers on the intake manifold, made a bracket to support the aircleaner (which I will later replace with a stock "hamcan" style)and then started on the rear brake pedal. The previous owner had fabricated something himself and between the front pipe and the floorboiard mount it had a very short stroke. I found a stock HD drumbrakepedal in my stash and out of the 2 pedals started fabricating a new one.