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This week I put on a new Dyna ignition and a new Rivera clutch, I also replaced the primary chain and sprockets while I was at it. I made some simple special tools to install the new electric starter also, and found I needed to "modify" my clutch puller as it did not have the correct hole pattern to pull a Rivera clutch off.


The rectifier / regulator looked very suspicious; the housing was almost rusted through so I figured the insides were probably not much better. Replaced that for a modern version, and found that I needed to modify the mounting bracket as it had a different mounting hole pattern than the old one. All these little things are taking longer than I expected, but almost ready now! Using rattlecans I sprayed the 5 gallon tanks that I bought off the Internet, flat black with Ivory. As the whole bike is powdercoated flat black by the previous owner, I just want to get it on the road as soon as possible and I will figure out what to do with the color next winter.