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When I went to pick up the bike last week it was like in the 2 top pictures; engine disassembled and with a set of rusty dented tanks. I bought a better set of tanks off the internet which were descibed as 3.5 gallon but turned out to be 5 gallon. Shit! The rust was painted on by the way. I found another set of tanks, this time they were actually 3.5 gallon but the lower mounts had been ground off.

I put the bike on the lift and started by bolting in the rebuilt Shovel engine from Cadbike #13. I then inspected the boxes of parts that had come with the bike and made a list of the missing pieces.

While waiting for the parts I made some new lower tank mounts for the 3.5 gallon tankset from scrap metal. I painted the 5 gallon tanks flat black as these will probably be used first while I do something a bit nicer with the 3.5 gallon tanks.