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In the pictures above Fred welds in the sides of the tanks, first a few tackwelds here and there, then more and more welds are added in a crisscross pattern to avoid too much buildup of heat. The stuff on the sides of the tanks is masking tape to protect the metal from damage during fabrication. After the welds are ground clean, it looks like the tank is made of one large piece of stainless steel, instead of a lot of small pieces.


Fred added a filler opening in the neck of the frame, because the frame is also the oiltank. Between the tanks Fred will hide the cable-operated hydraulic brake reservoir, and he welded small pieces of pipe to the frame to guide the throttle, brake and clutch cables, so he wouldn't have to ruin his bike later by adding tiewraps. As you can see in the pictures below, the tanks are properly rubbermounted.


Thanks to Fred "Krugger" Bertrand