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Fred "Krugger" Bertrand built his latest bike in 3 months, which is quite an amazing accomplishment as you will see, because there is a huge amount of handmade parts on this machine. It was finished just in time for the Custom Show in Paris, where it won second place. I think it should have won first place, it is definitely one of the most beautiful bikes I have ever laid eyes on, and I've seen a few.........


Fred started with a 1979 FLH (an Electraglide) as a donor bike, but the only parts he kept were the engine, gearbox and primary chain. Fred raised the gearbox about 3 inches for increased cornering ability and started building a frame from 50 mm steel pipe. the frame is also the oiltank for this bike. The tires you can see in the pictures are 28" x 3" x 22" Michelin Roulage , intended for pre-1918 oldtimer cars! In a time where everyone wants to have the fattest tire possible, it is ofcourse cool to do the exact opposite!


Fred began building 2 stainless steel tankhalves, sawing pieces of stainless steel exhaust pipes to make the rounded corners, and making the insides of the tanks follow the shapes of the engine.This meant a lot of welding, but this is what Fred does best. Fred never makes drawings of the bikes he builds, only in his head, yet somehow he always seems to get the proportions just right.


Thanks to Fred "Krugger" Bertrand