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The rear filler cap on the left fueltank is actually the oil filler cap, the oilfilter is hidden
between the two tank halves, oil goes in the frame.
That nice little leather seat is
from a Belgian Flandria motorcycle, the mini headlight came from the same bike


Here Fred has taken the bike off the table to try out the seating position, check out the
offset on the front primary sprocket! This is necessary to get the rear chain around
that big fat rear Metzeler, the gearbox is also mounted in an offset position.


The fueltanks are looking better and better, did you ever notice the uneven gap between
two stock Harley Fatbob tanks? If you compare that to Fred's homemade fueltanks his
work is a lot more precise! In the picture on the right you can see how Fred uses
templates to determine the correct dimensions for the frameplates.


In case you were wondering where the taillight is, it's hidden in the rear stand!
The cardboard templates for the frameplates have been copied in aluminum,
Fred uses an open primary chain, works with the classic style of the bike.


Here you can see how Fred has started building the stainless steel exhaust pipes,
both pipes consist of two separate pieces connected by small springs so they can
be disconnected, but more on that later...........

Thanks to Fred "Krugger" Bertrand