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Fred "Krugger" Bertrand started building "the Racer" on this table, after positioning the axles,
rear tire, springer fork and engine he took a pipe bender and began sculpting a single loop
frame out of large diameter steel pipe.


Although the styling of this bike is very much inspired by the boardtracker
racers of the 20's
. Fred decided to use an 18" Metzeler tire, 240 mm wide.
Sounds like an unlikely combination but trust me, it turned out great.


The bottom of the frame follows the contours of the Shovelhead crankcases exactly.
The wheelbase is 1520mm and the steering head angle is 25 degrees,
Fred says it handles better than his Evo with Zodiac widetail frame!


Fred took the fueltank from a Hercules motorcycle, stretched it about
4 inches, cut it in half to make two separate tanks that fit around the frame
exactly and repositioned the filler openings.Looks a bit like an Indian tank now.


Thanks to Fred "Krugger" Bertrand