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Marshall Harris
(9 years old)


This is part 3 of a long letter with pics I recieved from Marshall Harris,
describing some of the amazing bikes his dad (Simon Harris) built.
(part 1) (part 2)


Dads harleys

The last one he built was called "Fire Damage" because people say it looks like it has been on fire. This one Dad says handles the best and is easier to ride, that must be why he has now got hold of a 15"x15" wheel with a 345x15" tyre to go in the back....

I think when it is finished my brother and sister will stay out of the way for his first ride. I will finish writing now and send you the details of the Trike and Fire Damage on a separate sheet, I think Dad will be able to write them out himself.

Marshall Harris

Frame: Rigid 1 1/4" seamless tube Cobra Engineering
Wheels: Ricks Wheels Germany 9" x 18"
Tyres: Metzeler 240x18" front and rear.

Engine and Gearbox: Dyna rubber mount, Crane cam,
billet alloy pushrod tubes, S&S super E carb.

Petrol tank: Radial alloy modified underside, Pingel petrol tap

Forks: Ceriani anodised black (usd)
Yolks: 2 1/2" thick alloy 14" centres anodised black
Handlebars: 1 1/4" thick very wide, internal throttle (Calles Chopper Delar)

Brembo brake and clutch master cylinders
Tolle brake and disc sprocket on rear. Rear caliper anodised black.
Harrison 4 pot on front on Tolle disc

Home made seat and rearmudguard, coil rectifier dry cell
battery and condensor under seat. Points ignition,
everything powdercoated or anodised satin black

To be continued.....