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Marshall Harris
(9 years old)


This is part 2 of a long letter with pics I recieved from Marshall Harris,
describing some of the amazing bikes his dad (Simon Harris) built.
(if you missed part one, you can find it here)


Dads harleys

The next bike, Rent Boy 2, had a 9"x15" 120 spoke stainless rear wheel with 230x15" rear tyre. The yokes were adjustable 2 1/2" thick 14" centres using R1 usd forks.

The frame was 1 1/2" tube rigid, the motor was a new Zodiac Evo and a four speed box, a 3" belt drive was used, another sportster tank paint it all gloss black all done.

The first ride out Dad came home not looking happy (this is the time that my brother Carter 7 years, my sister Chevy 6 years old and me know to keep out of his way).The bike wouldn't go in a straight line, after he had calmed down Dad changed the front tyre for a 200 Metzeler this was really stretched but made the Harley go in a straight line, Dad said the 230 Avon ahs a flat strip down the middle which wasn't very good on the front.

Dad thought this bike was too shiny and didn't like cleaning it, so he sold that one.

To be continued.....