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Marshall Harris
(9 years old)


Dear Mark,

Here are the pictures and some of the details, I hope they are O.K , my Dad would be really pleased to see his Harley on your web site, he has a picture of your shovel on the wall of the garage (Bitch) ever since he saw it on the cover of B.S.H magazine, I have sent some of my Dads friends Rat Pan as well I thought you might like.

Bye Marshall


Dads harleys

After years of building and riding Swedish style Harleys, Dad decided he wanted to try a different style, he sold his beloved Swedish style Harley and not having much money left after we moved into a new house he decided to build a shovel head chop on a budget.

He bought a rigid frame with a 7" wide rear wheel from a mate, he then got another 7" rim laced to a Harley hub for the front wheel and put on 200 x 15" Metzelers on front and rear wheels, most people said it looked good but wouldn't ride straight.

Dad found a Shovel motor and gearbox at the right price (cheap). He got them both beadblasted, and fitted them in the Frame which he had by now chopped about and powder-coated satin black, a mate of his made the 2" thick 14" centered yokes and he had them blasted as well, a sportster tank was mounted on, first kick it started.

Dad called it a Rent Boy and used to park it outside the local Harley shop next to all the Fat Boys and Bad Boys. This bike rode perfectly and amazed all the people who said it wouldn't ride straight.

Someone offered Dad lots of money for it so he sold it to build what he thought would be a bigger and better chop.

To be continued.....

Hi Marshall, the photo's and letter arrived today and I am really impressed! I would like to publish your letter in 2 or 3 parts, starting next Monday with the part about Rentboy 1 (in the Shovelheads section of Coolest Bikes) A week later I want to do the part about Rentboy 2, the Trike and ofcourse Fire Hazard in the EVO section of Coolest Bikes.

Tell your Dad he should be proud of his bikes and of his son for sending in the letter! I am honoured that my bike is hanging on the wall in his garage, and think that you are a pretty good writer. If my son ever wrote a letter like this about my bikes, I think I would double his allowance!

Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak