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Miika Flathead part 3


Hi, Mark! Here come's a lot of photo's of my oil/fueltank project. I tried to pick only a few, but it was way too difficult, for me! So you can be the decision maker what to use. I also took a few photo's of the seat, whitch I'm a bit confused, how to fill and cover it, cause I wanna have something special. And smoothed & spraypainted the pipes, to see how they look in black. They are going to be wrapped with THERMOTECH tape anyway, with those small brass endings.


You propably noticed me "stealing" some of the ideas of your CRIME-seat model, I hope you don't mind?! Okay, I separated the oil section, from the fuel and I'm going to attach them together with leather straps or brass plates, don't really know yet!!! Something special, I hope I figure out something. The seat is giving me a lot of stress. So many ideas, but still undecided... I try to keep it simple, clean & beautiful and that ain't always easy. Time will tell, how's it gonna turn out! KEEP ON PUSHING!!! Yours, Miika. L.T.W. PEACE.