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Miika Flathead part 4


Hi, Mark! What's up Duck?! Summer is full of things to do & places to go, but I try to find some time for my bike. There hasn't been much happening in my Flattie project. I decided to send you some photos of the latest modifications. Finally I figured out how to finish my seat, so it pleases my eye. Pretty simple, but still something different and keeping it old skool. It took a long time to find the right place for the footcontrols, but now I'm satisfied. Thank's to the Triumph project, what I'm building for my friend. It opened my eyes a bit differently and finally got some results. I had to change the exhaust pipes, cause of the controls. There wasn't enough of space for those, with the old pipes. I might change those pipes again, but what the hell! At least I have couple of pipes to show for my friends, ha fuken' haa...


Also the rear fender is turning out differently, cause it looked so lame. Now it's way shorter & looks faster and lighter. I will be putting the oil filter to the rear fender, so it looks like a tiny oil tank. I also modified the rear brake, so it fit's the sprocket & I can leave the other side of rear wheel empty, like the front hub. It was lot of work, but well worth it. Use what you want & keep up the good work! Yours, Miika. P.S. I also named my bike "El Peligro" L.T.W. PEACE, OUT!