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Miika Flathead part 2


Hola, Mark! Thank's for putting my photo's to your site. I don't know, do you want to follow every step of my project, but I decided to send you some fresh photo's of the bike. I started making the front exhaust pipe and was pretty satisfied the look's of it. After a while, looking from every possible angle I was not satisfied to the form of the back exhaust pipe, it was too round. It didn't match the front one's lines. So I decided to cut it and make it look more like the front one. I just cut different piece's and started to complete the puzzle. I have to admit, that a pair of extra hand's would have been more than useful! Finally got the piece's together and after a good half an hour watching session, I decided to properly weld the pipes together. I'm satisfied, how they follow the lines of each other's, I wanted them as identical as possible, so I'll keep them.


I also started to make a new seat. A shorter and a bit more narrow. You will notice that in one these photo's and it's still "under the hammer", like you can see. Thank's to Mark I didn't start to mess with the fueltank, instead of that I chose to change the seat form. GRACIAS, MARK !!! It's up to you, if you wan't to add these or not, I'll send them anyway. Yours, Miika. L.T.W. PEACE, OUT!