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Miika Flathead part 1


Hola, Mark! Que pasa? I have been waiting for this day to come, like a blaa, blaa, blaa... Let's get to the business! My name is Miika and I live in Finland, yes the freezing land of polarbears & penguins... I found your site about a year ago and after that everything has been clicking in a right place, well except a few "minor" setbacks. I truly am amazed by the skill's of your graphic designs and the best part is, that it doesn't stay only in that level. You also make those beautiful pieces for real, what you have designed with the computer. As far as it goes to my knowledge of computers it ain't SHAIT! I'm more of a "old school" maker, I sketch something with pencil and then grab the welding or milling machine and make it happen. No disrespect to modern technology at all! The best part in your site is, that you update it so regularily & often. Through your site I've learned a few tech tips & found many cool websites like : ZERO, YOUNG, KRUGGER, B.O.S., CHICA, ICHI & many more... And I'm waiting for that CHICARA site to open, F**K!!, THE CRAZIEST & THE LATEST I'VE FOUND!


O.K. The main thing why I'm writing this letter is, that two years ago I bought a WLA-42 frame & springer. Planning to slowly collect the missing part's and make it a working machine... Well I did so, but I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted. A bobber / racer / stock / tuned??? Then after those "minor" setbacks I was sure. A mixture of ZERO's Amber Trophy meet's YOUNG's Mill's Arrow, with the engine like ERIC's racer from B.O.S. & some twist of my own design. HOW DOES IT SOUND'S ???


Well, a bit freaky for me, a first time owner of a H-D & all those equipment's to use, thank's to my DAD, a tuning guru from Karting, Motocross, RR & Radio controllable speed boats. Now retired, but still eager to test the limits of an old Lady From WW-2!!! Before this turns into a fuken' novel, I let the photo's do the talking... Your welcome to use any of these, if wanted. I noticed, that your FLATHEAD gallery is quite short, so maybe, who knows...??? Yours, Miika. DBBP 4 LIFE! PEACE, OUT! L..T.W - LOVE THE WORLD! Please send me some kind of response, cause it's better to say FU, than nada!!! You can send mail to : Here's the first five pictures, so you can tell are you even intrested... YOU MIGHT HAVE NOTICED, THAT I LOVE HOLES!!! ;) DRILLING, WHAT A FULLFILLING... OVER & OUT.