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The Shoptruck


Well, in the last episode I finally found the taillight trim, so that has been installed ofcourse. After that I have been focusing on the interior. I insulated the walls and started covering them with thin wood paneling, including the rear doors. Sjakie the cat kept an eye on things.


All the wood paneling got 3 layers of transparant varnish which gives it a nice warm glow. I made a box on the right side to match the one I had on the left already, both made from thick 30 mm planks. These will be covered in a dark grey fabric later to match the rear wall.


I made 6 aluminium supports that will carry the bed, when not in use they fit in one of the boxes, because I still need to be able to transport motorcycles. I found 4 cool speakers with a 70's styling and added two brass reading lights that I scored at a place that sells boat parts. I have a bluetooth radio and several USB sockets to charge phones etcetera, it is finally starting to look like something!