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The Shoptruck


In the last episode I had made some aluminium crossbeams that hook onto the sideboxes to support the bed, these can be removed without tools and stored inside one of the sideboxes. On top of these I put 4 pieces of bedboard, which is just perforated hardboard. On top of that I put 4 cushions, which I had made to fit. These have removeable covers and are very easy to keep clean.

The bed is 179 by 160 centimeters now, so I will have to pull up my knees a bit or sleep diagonally, no problem. My son Lars fits exactly!



The corners are probably the trickiest parts to upholster as they are double curved. I glued and clamped several pieces of thin wood together, and after a lot of sanding and testfitting I had the basic shape. The 2 sideboxes and the corner piece were then upholstered with a material called "naaldvilt" which is used in trunks of cars etcetera.


From the leftover pieces of 30 mm wood I made some shelves with cupholders and an extra USB connector in the front corner of the bed. On the floor of the van I have 2 aluminium strips into which I can click mounting points for tiedown straps when transporting motorcycles. Next there will be some storage cupboards in the rear corners and something on the floor. The bed does not go all the way to the rear doors deliberately, because when it rains and you open the doors some water will come in. besides, now we can sit on the edge of the bed to put our shoes on before going out....