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The Shoptruck


The CNC marker light covers that I designed arrived and fit very nicely on both the stock and the LED side marker lights. As I did not want the markerlights to stick out, I increased the size of the holes in the body with 11 mm (7/16") on each side and mounted the lights from the inside.


I should have washed the van vbefore taking these pics, it was parked outside all winter..
The covers go on the outside ofcourse and by screwing these to the lights which are now on the inside they are firmly held in place. I used some tape to keep the covers in place while mounting, difficult to reach inside and outside at the same time when working alone.


After testfitting I took them off one more time for polishing and then installed them again. Happy with the result!
I have one extra set of 4 CNC machined covers which is for sale, write to


I now also have a lot of the stock trimpieces which come off much to easily and I do not need anymore!


I finally managed to but a set of slightly dinged up taillight trim rings for way too much money, took out the worst dents and did a 3d laserscan, perhaps I will make a few copies in the future.