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The Shoptruck


Like most Chevyvan guys, I prefer the look of the old style side marker lights, but they stick out quite far and I keep loosing the chrome trim, so I decided to fix this once and for all!


I made a bunch of variations in CAD with one piece metal covers to fix losing the trim and in the right columns in the drawings above I mounted them from the inside so they won't stick out so much. This will require some cutting in the sheetmetal but that will not stop me.


I ordered some new marker lights with LED internals, these stuck out even more and the chrome trim came off just as easily. I will use them anyway as the extra thickness wil not be an issue when mounted from the inside.


I printed one of the designs to check the fit, which was good, then changed my mind and decided to use the design in the last pics. These are being CNC machined from 6061 aluminium now.


I might use them polished or else painted in the color of the body. Decisions, decisions.....