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The Shoptruck


In the first pic you see the ugly "modern" taillight that is being replaced by the much cooler old style lights. A small notch needed to be removed in one corner of the taillight surround but other than that it is a fairly simple swap.


I was missing one of the taillight gaskets so I made a CAD model and had it 3d printed in a rubber like material. I just did not have the patience to search the Internet for an original one and it works just fine.



Everything works and I am very happy with the result. Even bettter would be if I can find a set of taillight bezels like in the pics below. If anyone has a set for sale please let me know at info@dbbp.com



Taillights finished, now on to the side marker lights. Here the old style also looks better, and I actually had them installed but kept loosing the little chrome trim edges. I also thought the old side markers stuck out too much, so decided to make my own version....


I scanned the sheetmetal area where the sidemarkers are installed, and started designing alternatives.

To be continued....