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The Shoptruck


I could not find the eletrical connectors for these old taillights, so after scanning all the parts and putting them in CAD, I designed some connectors and had them 3d printed.


I also printed some insulator blocks where the existing wiring will be connected to the wiring from the old lights. I had 2 stainless plates lasercut that fit the bolt pattern from the old lights, these will be on the inside of the van so the existing sheetmetal of the van is clamped between these plates and the old taillights.


The corners of the taillight recess in the van will need some grinding but that is no big deal. There was one rubber missing, and as I had it in CAD I had that printed in a rubber like material. Still waiting for that part now and for a dry day so I can install the lights in the van wich is parked outside...