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The Shoptruck


I completed all the wiring, made a control panel just inside the right rear door. There is a touchscreen doubledin head unit with bluetooth so I can play music from my phone. Also a voltmeter to keep an eye on the voltage so I don't drain the battery too far, 2 USB connections and a "cigarette lighter" connection so I can plug in various accesoires. Also added 4 little round speakers, 4 x 40 Watts is plenty for me! Then the back of the dividing wall was recovered with "naaldvilt", some kind of stretchy felt stuff.


I insulated the ceiling with Armaflex and started with the wood paneling. I used quite thin wood(7 mm)so it follows the curves of the van easily and leaves as much interior space as possible.. Already starting to look a lot better!


Check out the 2 pics directly above, before and after. After all the ceiling is what we will be staring at when sleeping in the van, might as well have a good view. The plan is to do some rust repairs which will require welding before I do the leftside sidewall, the right side does not require welding so I could start with that. The ceiling will get a clearcoat, the diagonal brace where the spare tire was mounted will be removed, still plenty of work to be done!


Being parked outside in the Netherlands, there is no avoiding rust, so this year we will be replacing the rockers beneath the front doors, the bottoms of the doors and the bottom of the sliding door, plus several other small spots, and after that new paint.. One of the patch panels arrived all crumpled up but they are sending me a free replacement so no worries!