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The Shoptruck

The pic above is what the shopvan looked like 4 years ago. Time for an update! Earlier this year I decided to fix up the cargo area so that besides hauling motorcycles it can also be used to sleep in, and ofcourse one thing led to another...


First problem was a leaky sunroof, I removed all the horrible plywood and insulation from the ceiling and after measuring I found that my sunroof was a very difficult to find size.I found some identification numbers on it and discovered it was a German Farmont F525, after a lot of searching online I found the exact same sunroof still in its original packaging so I bought and installed that. I also installed pop-out windows and added dark tinting and some groovy stickers


My spare wheel was always mounted inside the van, but to put a bed in there it needed to move to the outside. I scored a mounting bracket (and some wooden cupholders) and powdercoated that in the same white as the van. This created a new challenge, as the numberplate would now need to be relocated now. A good opportunity to fix once and for all that numberplate light that I always seem to break.


As my rear bumper was damaged in the middel anyway, I made a steel box that I welded in that would fit a Dutch plate and that had hidden and protected Led illumination above the plate. Sent the bumper off to be rechromed. In between I helped my oldest son move to his new apartment, this sort of thing happens often when you own a van...


I replaced the wooden bit that goes around the sliding door as that was broken. The weird bit in the middle of the dividing wall adds another 15 cm to the length of the rear compartment, now it is just long enough to fit 2 motorcycless side by side. I rewired the rear compartment adding a touchscreen radio with bluetooth, 4 speakers, several USB ports to charge telephones and LED lighting. All electrics in the rear run independant of the ignition switch, and there is a very large extra battery (275 AH)