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The Shoptruck


When the wood on the ceiing was done I varnished it 3 times for protection and a nice shine. I did not like the way the LED spots sat in the wood so I designed some bezels in the same style as the edge of the sunroof, and had these 3D printed. Now I just need to replace those screws with black ones, and I will be happy! After all when sleeping in the van I will be looking at this ceiling so I don't want anything annoying there, haha


I had some wood left over from the ceiling so I also did the insides of the rear doors. As this was a cargo van there was no latch on the inside, so I fabricated something for that. The door panels were also clear varnished 3 times after this but I forgot to take some pics...


As you can see in the pics above the van really needed to have some rust repairs done, which is happening now. As I have no space to do this and no time I have brought the van to a body shop, can't wait to get it back all rustfree and continue with the interior!