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Because of the very large amount of questions I get about my Cadbike images, I will try to explain what they are and how I make them. I will start with a very general and short discription and gradually add more in-depth information.

Frequently asked Questions

1: What software do I use?
2: What hardware do I use?
3: Where do I get the dimensions of all the bike parts?
4: Will I send you free CAD models of bikes/engines etc.?
5: How much do the CAD models cost?

1: What software do I use?

There are two programs I use to make the images in the Cadbikes section of,
a CAD program to make the 3 dimensional models, and a rendering program to describe camera positions, scenery, lights and materials.

The CAD software I use is Pro/Engineer Wildfire, a professional high-end program that I have access to at my work. For more info you can go to Other programs that could be used are Solidworks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, Catia and probably most other mid and high-end 3D CAD programs, but Pro/E is my favourite.

The rendering software I use is a FREE program called Povray, not the easiest program in the world but one that is capable of producing very realistic images. Their website can be found at and has lots of tips and tricks and ofcourse downloads.

To convert the CAD models to a file format that can be used in Povray, I export the models as .slp files, and then convert these with a very small program called slp2pov

2: What hardware do I use?

At the moment I am using a homemade computer with an Athlon 2400+ processor,
1 GB PC2700 DDR memory, 80 GB harddisk, Geforce 4 Ti V8440 128 MB graphics adaptor and Windows 2000.

3: Where do I get the dimensions of all the bike parts?

Well, there is only one way to get the correct dimensions of all the bike parts and that is:
MEASURE THEM! I have personally measured all the parts used in all the Cadbikes and yes, it is a hell of a job! The good part is that once I have measured and modelled a part in my virtual library, I can use it in as many projects as I like.

That is one of the reasons that Cadbike #1 took me 1200 hours, and Cadbike #17 took me only 30 hours sofar! Measuring and modelling a whole engine, like the Evo-engine I did for Cadbike #14 still takes about 300 hours.....

4: Will you send me free CAD models of bikes/engines etc.?

No. Because of the huge amount of work involved in making them I will not give them away for nothing. Below you can see some examples of the prices I charge for CAD-parts. In some cases I am willing to swap for CAD-parts of the same quality or for real parts if I can use them.

5: How much do the CAD-models cost ?

I have put a number of CAD parts in my webshop, if you can't find it there you can mail me and I will tell you the price. Not everything is for sale, parts that have been designed for customers are usually not for sale.