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All the Cadbikes on this page were made by me,
Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,

Cadbike #15, The Wild One

Evo in Swedish Style hardtail frame
with looooooong forks, 240x18
rear tire and a very weird drive system
that keeps all the parts centered and allows
extreme cornering angles.
(25 pictures, 1 animation)

Cadbike #14, The PM bike

Starting with an EVO powerplant,
this will be a boardtrack style bike
for Performance Machine, using some
of their beautiful brakes and wheels.
(42 pictures !)

Cadbike #13, in memory of Harry

80" Evo
in Swedish Hardtail frame
with 8" overstock forks
and sprocket brake
built in CAD and in "real life"
(38 pictures)

Cadbike #12, WR racer

A 45" flathead
based on Cadbike #2
and some photo's
sent to me by Eric of
"Beauty of speed"
(23 pictures, 1 animation)

Cadbike #11
Cadbike #11, Short & Sweet

Late Shovel engine
Stock 4-speed swingarm frame

Fork tubes 2" under stock
4 plugs
Double Weber
230 wide rear tire
(16 pictures)