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For a while I have wanted a cheap and light bike that I could use for short distances, park outside in the rain and not worry too much about. 3 weeks ago I found an unfinished Yamaha XS 650 project for 750 Euro's and will show you here what I did with it. I am already riding it in grey primer, will take it apart in the winter for paint and powdercoating but first I wanted to get it on the road as fast as possible.
This is what I did on the second day:


The first box of parts arrived, I started with replacing the fuelcap rubber because the bike was stinking up the place. I replaced the handlebar mounting rubbers, grips, handlebars and footrests. The front brake bleeding screw had been removed by the previous owner and the agressive DOT 3 brakefluid had leaked out removing most of the paint from the brakecaliper. After replacing the bleeder screw I needed to fill the brake reservoir and ofcourse on of the philips screws needed to be drilled out...


Most of the electric components on this bike are mounted to the battery box, but the previous owner had cut off the rear part of the battery box so it was now hanging loose in the frame. I found a replcement batterybox for 20 Euro's on Marktplaats ( Dutch version of Ebay), but when it arrived the mounting points for the ignition module were missing. Probably an older model, oh well, I transplanted the bottom of the old battery box into the new battery box and now had all the neccesary mounting points.


I had bought the bike without a seat so I ordered an XR style seat/fender from Hotwingglass in the USA. At this stage the bike was almost ready to ride but I had no idea how long it would take for the new seat to get here, so I temporarily welded back the rear frame section that the previous owner had cut off. I filled the dents in the tank with polyester filler and painted it with Motip rattlecan grey primer.
To be continued...