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For a while I have wanted a cheap and light bike that I could use for short distances, park outside in the rain and not worry too much about. 3 weeks ago I found an unfinished Yamaha XS 650 project for 750 Euro's and will show you here what I did with it. I am already riding it in grey primer, will take it apart in the winter for paint and powdercoating but first I wanted to get it on the road as fast as possible.
This is what I did on the first day:


The motor started but the bike needed a lot of work. A lot of rubber parts were falling apart, the front brake fluid had leaked out, wiring was a mess, etcetera. There was no seat and the rear of the frame had been cut off. I started by stripping the fueltank of rust and paint, and replacing the previous owner's homemade clipons with the stock handlebars. Hmmm, not much good either...


Ah yes, the name: I couldn't decide if I wanted a Bratstyle or a Flattracker....
I made a list of all the missing parts and ordered them from various webshops.
To be continued