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In the last part we started making a pressure regulator, allowing us to increase the pressure of the oil in the return line after the T joint where the small oilline goes to the cylinder head. The more resistance in the return line, the more oil goes to the head. The plan is to find the optimal setting, measure the gap under the adjusting bolt and then machine a ring to fix the adjuster in that position.

The oilline in front of the frametube is connected to the crankcase breather by the way, something else we will need to fix as it blows a bit of oil when the motor is running.


There was an unused tab on the frame nearby so we decided to use that. The hole was too big so we made an insert from a bolt and fixed that in place. The bracket was made of stainless ofcourse, and Aad used the lathe to bend a piece of roundbar for the bracket.


Aad did his polishing magic and we installed the regulator, adjusted it, and it works perfectly! Next job, the crankcase breather and after that the leaking primary and perhaps some small mufflers?