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The oilline to the cylinderhead was connected to the return line with the homemade stainless T-joint, and all wires and oilines were secured in place for the first teststart.
The gascap was drilled in two places, one to vent and the other to get rid of rainwater that would otherwise get trapped on top. New fuelfilters were installed, fuel added and the head was primed with oil manually.


After that there was a lot of kicking but the bike would not start. It turned out the ignition was timed wrong, so we fixed that. We were a bit concerned about the oiline to the head as there was no oil coming out yet. After adjusting the ignition the bike started very easily but ran full throttle! We fixed the throttle cable that was stuck and then it ran much better!


There was still barely any oil going up to the head, but if I lightly pressed the return line it worked perfectly. We decided to fabricate a pressure adjuster for the return line so that we could adjust how much oil goes to the head. Simply put, the more resistance in the oilline after the T-joint, the more oil goes up to the head. To be continued..