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The 2 pics above are of the top of the stock kickstarter, it has a very characteristic shape and I really like the little ball and spring that keep the pedal in position while riding, on my Harley the pedal always moving around while riding is a bit annoying. We decided to copy this shape on the new stainless steel kickstarter we are making.


Aad machined the rough shape on the lathe, added some deep chamfers for good weld penetration and then started sculpting the shape by adding and removing material


We had to make some "interesting" fixtures to machine the groove and the hole in the top of the arm, but it worked and after a lot of sanding and polishing it came out even better than I had expected! Next will be the kicker pedal...


We stopped several times to check the fit on the bike, making sure the kicker would not stick out too far but also would not interfere with the brake pedal. Then came a lot of filing and grinding, until the shape was exactly how we wanted it, then sanding with finer and finer grits, and finally a bit of polishing, I really like how this part is turning out!