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Finally, the build continues! After summer vacation, back problems and life in general getting in the way, I am very happy that we are back at work on the Triumph!

Since they are making reproductions of the Aris headlights and everybody has one nowadays, we found a nice alternative at the Choppertown Sideshow, I like it!


Before the holidays we had made a wooden "jig"for th pipes and tacked together the right side header, so the first thing we did now was make a mirrored version for the left side.


Then we bent another length of stainless steel pipe using the wooden template we made earlier for the "mufflers".

We want the ends of the pipes to flare out so we made a wooden tool to scribe the centers of the curved pipes and cut them open over 95% of their length. With a little massaging we were already very close to the shape we wanted, next we will make some filler pieces to close the gaps and then shape the tips.