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For the top motor mount the only missing part was the bolt/screw holding it all together. We started with an off-the-shelf sockethead capscrew, machined a ring to increase the diameter of the head, welded that on and shaped it in such a way that it accidentally resembled a German helmet. Hmmm. A bronze ring was added, and more bronze rings were made to go under the stainless steel nuts. Top motormount ready for now!

Next project: the front motormount. As the holes in the frame and engine were both pretty worn out we slightly increased the diameter to get a good fit. We made a stainless nut that was completely smooth on the outside with a square bit to keep it from rotating in the frame. Obviously one of the frame holes also had to be filed square.


Just like on the top motormount we modified a stainless steel sockethead capscrew and after everything was testfitted all the stainless bits were mirrorpolished. No wonder it takes us so long to build a bike, haha....