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We are converting the Triumph to footclutch and did not want to use the stock clutch cable so we are converting to a hydraulic clutch, making all the parts except for the rubbers. We mounted the stock cover under the milling machine centering on the stock clutch atuator, then removed that and drilled a hole in the same position.

We made the beginning of the clutch cylinder, leaving it attached to the bar it was made from so we would be able to put the whole thing in the lathe after welding
We drilled a hole through the bottom of the kickstarter cover where the hydraulic line will be attached later. In the same position we drilled and tapped the hydraulic cylinder.
We made an extension piece that was screwed into the hydraulic cylinder, using Loctite and a copper ring. To avoid burning the Loctite and creating a leak, the extension piece was welded to the cover with most of the part submerged in water to keep the temperature down. After welding we smooothed the welds and pressure tested the cover, all good! Next time we will machine the cylinder to the correct diameter and make a hydraulic piston.