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We had cut down the rightside motormount plate to the minimum, and Aad welded on some alumimium to form a new edge. Still a lot of filing and sanding to be done here.


In the meantime we contimued work on the hydraulic footclutch. We had already made a mounting point for the master cylinder on the bottom frame rail behind the primary, so we started by making a mockup of the required linkage.
We determined that we would need about 3 mm stroke to operate the clutch, then removed everything that could be removed from the transmission cover as we would be doing some welding on it.
Using the smallest brake caliper that we had, we were only able to get 2 mm stroke, but now we could calculate the required dimensions of the piston and cylinder that we will be making from scratch. To test the weldability of the cover we removed the bulge where the stock clutch cable used to go.