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Next job was the rear fender, I donated 2 old Harley front fenders that I was not going to use anyway. These came pretty close to the shape we wanted and should save a bit of time. We removed the mounting brackets and sandblasted them to see what shape they were in.


The 2 fenders did not have exactly the same profile so they required a little bit of massaging into shape. A little bit of work with the shrinker and the planishing hammer and we had a nice, super narrow, rear fender


We had some custom ribbed motormounts, but in combination with the ribbed primary it all looked too cluttered, the ribs were different in shape and spacing. I decided to remove some of the ribs to make a more simple looking shape; the recesses will be roughed up and the high areas polished when it is time for final assembly.

We could not resist taking the bike off the table and rolling it outside to get a good look, always good for motivation! Now back on the table to continue!