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Thi week we started on a set of stainless steelhandlebars. As I had come up with a design using tapered "legs" we started with solid 30 mm bars that Aad drilled all the way through with a very long drill. After that he machined a taper in each leg and a smaller diameter part at the end that fit in the Triumph tree.


We mocked up the bike again as we had taken it apart last week to weld the frame and machine the lower tree. As the angle of the handlebar holes in the top tree is not the same as the angle of the forklegs we were going to need quite a bend in the handlebar legs.

We made a little die that fit on the hydraulic press to bend the handlebar legs and after some trial and error managed to make 2 identical legs. They will be about 2 inches shorter than they are now when we are finished, but we will see that next week when we continue