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Last week we were working on the tankmount for the "Tokyo Thug" gastank. We removed the stock mounting flaps and are making a hidden rubbermount. There will be 2 rubbers on the top of the frametube and 2 more rubbers on the pin that Aad will weld in the frame. The top of the pin is threaded for a small screw holding everything in place.

The bottom of the pin is TIG welded in the frame, the top is silver soldered. Top of the tank will be smoothed with lead next week. The Triumph cap from the stock tank covers the mounting screw so there is no visible mounting of the tank and the rubbermount makes sure there will be no nasty vibrations.

Last weekend at the Flakekings Swapmeet I picked up a cool little Aris (repop) headlight. We drilled and tapped the lower tree, and then decided it would look better with the headlight mount welded on. We used various tools to make it look like the headlight mount was part of the original casting. Rest of the lower tree was also cleaned up a bit, taking care not to make it too clean, haha