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Last week we started with the shifter arm by making a splined hole in a thick strip of stainless. Next step was to cut a groove so that the arm can be squeezed tight on the splined shaft of the transmission, Aad put 3 blades(!) in a hacksaw to cut a wide groove, curved to match the lines of the bracket.


We used a jewelers electric file to shape and smooth the groove, quite a cool little tooL The inside of the groove was quite rough from the hacksaw but with this tool we made it very smooth.


I sketched the shape I wanted with a marker pen, and Aad started sanding and grinding. The arm will be curved and tapered in both directions so a lot of material was removed


Using a manual press the arm was bent in the second direction, getting close to the rough shape! After studying the original shift lever we realised we would have to remove some splines to make it possible for the part to be squeezed firmly in place. Next week we will do the final modeling and polishing!