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Brass Risers Part 1


After watching one of the "Biker Buildoff" episodes I saw Indian Larry use some really cool brass risers and decided I wanted a pair on my bike. There were a few things about the risers he used that I wanted different so I made a CAD model of how I wanted them and had an epoxy 3D rapid prototype printed from my CAD model.


We wetsanded and then clearcoated the epoxy prototype so it would be nice and smooth, then pressed it into casting sand to make a negative imprint. To make a long story short after carefully removing the epoxy part we poured in molten brass. I know am making it sound very easy , actually we spent quite a lot of time on the first set.


After the mold has cooled the moment comes where sand is removed and you get to see what your casting looks like, this is the fun part! People have been casting brass for a long time and it may sound strange coming from a guy that is known for using CAD/CAM technology, but a cast part has a certain character that seems to often be missing in CNC parts and I really think cast parts can look great!


We built a few sets and then decided to have a whole bunch cast by a professional casting company to keep the costs down while we made all the machined parts ourselves, take a look on the next page to see the finished product. We have a few sets for sale too.