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Stainless Pipes Part 13

Polished stainless, no chrome!

Stainless Pipes Part 12

Cleaning all the welds



Stainless Pipes Part 11

Welding all the puzzle-pieces together

Stainless Pipes Part 10

We make a 3-piece set of leftside stainless pipes for Harry's bike

Stainless Pipes Part 9

Both pipes are completed and we make some new brackets, see the finished pipes in MyBikes

Stainless Pipes Part 8

We completed the new start-sections of the pipes and improvised a hidden mount for the front pipe.

Stainless Pipes Part 7

The new and improved front pipe is just about ready to be fully welded and finished.

Stainless Pipes Part 6

I decided to go back to the original style front pipe, only a bit higher and straight this time and with a few cool details and glassbeaded instead of polished.

Stainless Pipes Part 5

All the pieces of the front pipe get tackwelded together, but somehow I am still not completely happy with the front view of the new pipe.

Stainless Pipes Part 4

We started on the front pipe, much closer to the rear pipe this time. We took special care to get both pipes exactly parallel this time!

Stainless Pipes Part 3

In the winter of 2002/2003 we modified the rear pipe to make it exactly parallel with the frame. To do this we had to make a dent in the pipe to make room for the rear shock, and we had to weld in a small section of extra pipe.

Stainless Pipes Part 2

After smashing the front pipe of my bike on a large bump I decided to design and build a set of high pipes, Hans did the welding and this was how my bike looked in 2002.

Stainless Pipes Part 1

This is how my first set of homemade stainless pipes looked, from the side they looked okay but seen from the top they were not parallel with eachother or the frame.