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I installed a tiny switch to toggle between highbeam and low beam, this switch works with a relay hidden inside the headlight. I useda bit of acid to age the brass switch as it was a bit too shiny for the bike. The wires exit through the left handlebar bolt and disappear in the back of the headlight.


I had my mirror welded to the handlebar but when I noticed a crack I broke it off before losing it. It was pretty useless anyway... I welded the hole shut and will use the acid and oil treatment to blend the area with the rest of the bike. My old fuelvalve was beyond repair so I replaced it with a brass Pingel which I also aged a bit.

The shift geometry was all wrong, as the front of the shiftrod was moving more down than forward because of the wrong mounting point. This caused a very long shift movement, so I designed some new parts which I had lasecut from 8 mm stainless steel plate. Also I made a new shiftrod and installed new balljoints, very short and accurate shifting now!